Mar. 22nd, 2015

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For anyone who might have been trying to submit stories or poems to Not One of Us, only to have their emails bounce undelivered, here’s the scoop. Our former website, with its attached email, was sold out from under us on February 26. As you can imagine, this brought operations here pretty much to a standstill.

But we now have a new domain, and our son Karl (who designed the original website when he was 16) is in the process of creating a new website to go there. Not having a website for the moment is inconvenient, but it’s not a killer, because our magazine is published in hardcopy, not on the website. It’s the new email address that’s crucial.

We now have a functioning email address where people can send submissions: (rather than .com, like the old one).

It’s probably going to take some time before many people know the new email address, especially people who had been submitting to the old one. They would have no reason, and little opportunity, to find the new address, and would probably just assume that the magazine has folded. This will have a negative effect on submissions, at least in the short run, but we can build back up.

In the meantime, we have been able with help from our friends to finish assembling the contents for what we think will be a terrific new issue. (The issue was almost complete when the old website/email went down, and we needed only one more story and one more poem to finish it.)

Not One of Us #53 will be out in about 4-5 weeks.

And that email address again is:

Thanks to everyone for your patience.


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