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“We might have called this our ‘autumn issue,’ but here in the northern hemisphere that would have been a confusing name for an April publication. So instead we’ll say the theme is not dead yet. We have a woman defying her own personal death, a man living the puzzle of the not-quite-dead, and a washer cleansing all precious griefs; one who lives in a court of rust and another who waits to step through the walls while the shadows last. If you’re not dead yet, you can dream that you’ve woken up and gone outside; but be careful, there’s something in the garden that doesn’t want to stay there. And especially for the not yet dead, ‘autumn is the true alchemist.’”


A Portrait in Rust, by Mat Joiner
Relics (poem), by Lynn Hardaker
Death Defying Stunts, by Gillian Daniels
Similes (poem), by Sonya Taaffe
Sudoku for Dead People, by Chris Bell
Journey of the Worker Bee (poem), by normal
Cosmovore at Coney Island (poem), by Kristi Carter
The True Alchemist, by Sonya Taaffe
Tatters (poem), by Sandi Leibowitz
Something We Could Do, by Patricia Russo
Bean-Nighe: The Washer at the Ford (poem), by Neile Graham
Art: John Stanton

We’ll be mailing the contributors’ and subscribers’ copies this week.

If you want to order a copy right away, the easiest way is to email me to get my PayPal address, or send a check to my postal address. You can get information on the price of copies and subscriptions, as well as my email and postal addresses here.

Date: 2014-04-22 04:01 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] sovay
We’ll be mailing the contributors’ and subscribers’ copies this week.

It's a great issue. I hope people notice it. Not dead yet is an important thing.

Date: 2014-04-22 02:24 pm (UTC)


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