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“Welcome to our broken issue. We have broken trees and broken glass, a foundling and a changeling, a demon lover, a lost leader losing his head, and two trapped women smashing the lock(et). Our poets speak of cold breezes and blackened blossoms, lute strings and chains of gold, broken factories, bodies side by side and waiting, the chime of coins, and ancient waves breaking over our heads.”


Locket, by Patricia Russo
Day, Sun, Night (poem), by Sonya Taaffe
When the Queen of Afrits Took Three Steps in the Sand (poem), by Alexandra Seidel
Half the War Is a Memory of Trees, by Mat Joiner
When Can a Broken Glass Mend?, by Sonya Taaffe
The Field (poem), by Alex Harper
First Morning of the Last Man Alive (poem), by Kent Kruse
Foundling, by JD DeLuzio
I even recall the cold breeze (Mercer Bears hoops 3:16) (poem), by CEE
The Path, by E. G. I. Whitworth
Ammonite (12” Mix) (poem), by Mat Joiner
Pripyat (poem), by J. C. Runolfson
Art: John Stanton

NOU 53 cover
We’ll be mailing the contributors’ and subscribers’ copies this week.

If you want to order a copy right away, go to our new website: http://not-one-of-us.pub/about/subscribe/

"Don't try to be an artist, I try to be a man."

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User [livejournal.com profile] ashlyme referenced to your post from "Don't try to be an artist, I try to be a man." (http://ashlyme.livejournal.com/84337.html) saying: [...] liked it. She'll make me watch the whole series now. I have been assimilated. Not One Of Us #53 [...]


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